Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did U Know You Can Snag Ink & Toner on the Cheap?

Let’s be honest, everyone wants great-looking print outs (especially for presentations), but no one wants to pay the hefty price for ink and toner. So, what’s a company to do?

Stock-up and save big with PPAI Ink & Toner.

As an Association member, not only can you track orders online, access purchase history and receive free shipping on orders of $50+, but you can also snag incredible savings—up to 65% off—on printer and copier supplies (cha-ching!).

Save on the things you need so you can spend on the things you want—click PPAI Ink & Toner today!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Did U Know An Explosion of Greatness Awaits?

End buyers want greatness when it comes to promotional products, which means distributors need a steady stream of greatness-inducing ideas. Enter Promotional Consultant Digital — the award-winning e-zine designed specifically for distributors. With thought-provoking topics and real-world sales advice, tips, tricks and trends, PC Digital is exploding with ideas.

To read the latest issue or catch up on what you may have missed, click PC Digital.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Did U Know The Office Is A Sales-Rich Space?

Chances are, your next sales call will be in someone’s office. And, if you want to maximize the meeting, you need to work the room … with “In The Office,” the third and final video in the “People Love Promotional Products” series.

Want more? Visit the PPAI Distributor Tool Center.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Did U Know You Can Get Fail-Safe Protection?

Late last year, 57 hard drives containing 220,000 social security numbers (among other things) were stolen from a BlueCross BlueShield call center. The theft affected some 500,000 people. So, here’s the question … is your company protected?

With PPAI Business Partner CoreVault, an online data backup and recovery service, you can rest assured that even your most sensitive files are secure.

For less than $20 a month (that’s exclusive, members-only pricing!), CoreVault offers fail-safe protection of your business files — including billing and accounts receivable info — by moving the records off-site automatically. CoreVault also encrypts your confidential data for increased security and then stores it in two private, geographically separate data centers, so it’s safe from regional weather concerns.

Safety first means fail-safe. Click protection for details.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Did U Know You Can Prove Your Case With PPAI’s Latest Sales Video?

Cutting through the clutter to reach your customers is often a tough job ... one that requires a little extra “something”. Well, great news, PPAI’s got the latest something …

The second release in the “People Love Promotional Products” video series is fresh from the production house and now available for download on the Distributor Tool Center. Love In The Kitchen—Promotional Products Work! is an informative sales tool that focuses on the No. 1 room where people use—and keep—their promotional products: the kitchen.

By highlighting the most frequently mentioned tools, as well as showcasing compelling facts and figures in a fast-paced format, this second video (in the four-part series) provides you with an opportunity to start a conversation, to prove your point, to sell the industry, all in about 60 seconds.

Cook up an impressive ROI for you and your customers by downloading your free copy of Love In The Kitchen—Promotional Products Work! and post on your website/social media channels or use as a visual aid during sales calls. Click kitchen to download now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Did U Know You Can Give Your Staff A Fun Pass?

Vacations. Staycations. Playcations. A trip to the movies. An afternoon at the zoo. Whatever the plan, you and your employees deserve a little downtime …

So, what makes R&R even more rewarding? Big savings! Your PPAI membership grants you access to the PPAI Fun Pass, your direct ticket to year-round savings on movie tickets, theme parks, zoos and more. Bonus? You can pass on the deep discounts to your staff … a fun little employee perk!

Add PPAI Fun Pass to your benefits package and let your staff reap the rewards. A happy crew equals a happier you (hello, increased productivity!).

For details, click Fun Pass.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did U Know There’s A Distributor Tool Center?

Facts. Facts. And more facts. That’s what 3 out 4 end buyers say they want from their promotional consultants, according to recent industry research.

So, how do you deliver …

With video. In the age of YouTube and handy cams, video marketing is one of the best, most memorable ways to communicate a stat-heavy message, which is why PPAI just launched the Distributor Tool Center. A repository of powerful (and Free!) sales tools, this online hot spot houses comprehensive videos each backed by our independent, unbiased research:
  • Upload ’em to your company web site and social media channels to share the power of promotional products
  • Present ’em during a sales meeting to share compelling statistics
  • Use ’em to educate employees and staff about industry trends and changes

All videos available on Distributor Tool Center contain the undisputable stats you need to pique interest, to peak sales. Click here to download your copies today.